Wavante is the consulting partner of choice to the semiconductor industry. From advising on new technologies and methodologies, to providing design implementations, our customers rely on the Wavante’s broad expertise to ensure the most cost effective, and reliable route to market. By aligning the business models to its customer’s objectives, Wavante has enabled many of the top semiconductor companies to achieve or exceed time to market and performance goals, while simultaneously reduce the project costs. As a leading design service provider in the industry, we are widely considered to be a reliable business partner.


Development Milestones:


(1) 2001 to 2005: 

Santawave Technologies, Inc.,  Sunnyvale, California, USA

Business Focus:

Computing and Networking SoC Platform Development, IP Design and Distribution, Silicon Design Flow Building and Services, and Internet Applications, etc.

(2) 2005 to 2007: 

Wavante, Inc. , San Francisco, California, USA

Business Focus:

2G to 3G Communications SoC Platform Development, IP Design and Distribution, Silicon Design Flow Tuning and Services, etc.


(3) 2007 to Now:

Wavante, Inc., San Francisco/Beijing/Shanghai, China/USA

Business Focus:

Consumer Applications and Communications SoC Platform Development and Product OEM Services, IP and EDA Tools Platform and Channel Services, Silicon Design Flow Tuning and Services, Silicon Development and Production Platform and Services, etc.


Our Vision:

Wavante’s vision is to become a world-class market leader of ASIC turnkey design and SoC design service provider in semiconductor industry. We always treat our customers as best partners because we focus on long-term strategy for long term business. We deliver the most appropriate tools, libraries, IPs, methodologies, SoC design flow and models with best services and supports in order to achieve customers’ full satisfaction. After all, our mission is to “win-win” with our customers by teaming with our strategy partners.


Why Wavante?