<Why Wavante?>


Selecting a design service partner is a key decision for any semiconductor Company. Here are the reasons why Wavante should be your design service partner of choice: 


Good Listener
- We actively talk to our customers all the times to listen to their tough requirements so that we can offer the best solutions to solve their challenging problems.


Design Service Model
- Flexible model from Design Specification, RTL Design, Backend Turnkey Design to 3rd party IP purchase.


Industry-leading IPs
-   Wavante has industry-leading IPs including fundamental IPs, mixed signal IPs and high speed interface IPs, making it possible to offer the most optimized solutions based on the industry's best and most advanced chip technologies.
- We also customize and integrate IP cores on demand to differentiate your product.


Track Record
-  We provide proven track record of first-pass silicon. We have successful design service wins and silicon proven IPs in hundreds of applications in millions of shipped units. Some of those are very complex one in the market.


Strong Customer Relationship
- Through the years of working together, we have built up very good relationships with many major semiconductor design and system companies all over China, with local supports in the major cities.


Excellent Technical Support
- Our highly trained and experienced technical engineers set Wavante apart from other companies. With their strong background in ASIC and SoC design services, Wavante engineers are able to provide excellent technical support, as well as, quick response to our customers so that smooth progress for all phases of the project is ensured.


Experience on Advanced Technologies
-  We have precious experience on dealing with wide ranges of projects in most popular advanced technologies from 90nm, 60nm, 55nm and even down to 40nm.


Speed Up Products Time to Market
- By offering silicon proven IPs and advanced EDA tools, development time and design time are reduced. Our experienced engineers are also capable of controlling mass production flow for turnkey service, speeding up our customers’ products time to market further.


Save Budget
- We are able to save our customers’ budget by reducing the design time up to 50% without expensive EDA tools investment, as well as, minimizing the ASIC chip size up to 30%.