Design from RTL Netlist

Upon your request, we will start our backend design service from your RTL design netlist and produce the complete gds2 that meets your timing, area, and power requirements. We provide recommendations back to the frontend RTL designers to achieve best results for timing, area, power and optimization at logic design stage. Based on your business and design requirements, we will make recommendations on:

● Selecting the suitable foundry, assembly and testing houses
● Selecting the suitable processing technology
● Implementation/design flow from synthesis to GDS
● Logistic

We will also ensure that our physical design team work closely with the RTL designers to achieve a fully functional IC on the first tape-out to enable you have the early time to market.

Every design is different and challenging. With lots of successful tape-outs, we have high confidence to help you solve every technical challenge likely to appear in your project. Some of the backend design service cases that we have worked on in recent years are summarized in the following table:



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