[China] S3 provides IP for Chinese mobile TV
Design services and intellectual property licensor S3 Group Ltd., formerly known as Silicon & Software Systems, has announced that Nationz Technologies Inc. has licensed mixed-signal IP for use in a mobile television chip and that the chip is now available.
S3 Group (Dublin, Ireland) has delivered an analog-to-digital converter, phase-locked loop combination as part of the deal. Nationz (Shenzhen, China) is a developer of baseband chips for digital television.

"S3 Group achieved first-time-right silicon and helped us to rapidly enter the market with our mobile TV SoC. The high performance of the ADC combined with the low jitter performance of this PLL means that we can offer a superior product that will help drive the successful development of mobile TV products throughout Asia," said Nong Cheng, manager of consumer application solutions, at Nationz, in a statement issued by S3 Group.

S3 Group said the process technology is TSMC's 65-nm LP process and that Nationz are in volume production with this part.

Source: EETimes