[China] SMIC gets government backing for second Beijing fab


Chinese foundry Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp. (SMIC) said Tuesday (May 15) its SMIC Beijing subsidiary reached a deal with the Beijing municipal government to establish a joint venture to launch SMIC Beijing's phase two expansion project.


SMIC (Shanghai) said the deal would result in a new fab located adjacent to SMIC Beijing's 300-mm mega fab in Beijing. The new fab will operate at the 45/40- and 32/28-nanometer technology nodes, SMIC said.


After the phase two expansion, SMIC Beijing will have a larger manufacturing base capable of producing at more advanced technology nodes and at a lower cost, according to the company.


SMIC Beijing was registered in 2002 in the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Area. It commenced operation in September 2004 as mainland China's first 300-mm wafer fab. SMIC Beijing is also SMIC's largest 300-mm fab. SMIC Beijing achieved 90-nm volume production in 2006, 65-nm volume production in 2009 and 55-nm volume production in 2011, according to SMIC.


Source: EETimes