Wavante Introduction for TechConnect World 2012
Company Profile: After established in the Silicon Valley, U.S.A. in 2001, Wavante has now set up its technology research and development and operations centers in China since 2005, with design and business teams in Beijing, Shanghai and Chengdu, etc. We provide the one-stop product R&D services from chip design, development, to packaging and testing, and from product manufacturing to chip logistics and delivery. Our services includes early chip product architecture definition, total IP solutions, front-end RTL design, back-end silicon design, tape-out and production services, package design and test development, etc. We offer flexible service models including Turnkey chip development or entire SOC product OEM (Original Engineering Manufacturing) development model. Combining the extensive SoC product design and development experiences from our Silicon Valley and China teams, we commit to ensure our customers that we not only provide very compelling services and products with very reasonable lowest possible cost, but also guarantee to deliver our services and products in top tire quality.  In addition, we also have now well established our strategic partnerships with the world leading foundries, IP vendors, packaging houses, testing houses, and EDA tool vendors.
Schedule Summary: Through participating in the TechConnect World 2012, we’d like to meet and to establish partnership with potential customers and strategic partners in following areas:     
1.       Chip Design and Production Services: Our R&D core teams have rich in depth of chip and system design successful product design and development experiences. We have developed our own proven SOC technology and nature production platform through number of chip tape-outs with first-pass successes. Our company has accumulated extensive SoC and ASIC chip product development experiences in our proven and mature product design and development flows through many advanced submicron technologies. We have established our stable position with vast customer bases in China market, and have continually received well recognition and good reputation in the semiconductor industry in China and the globe.  Riding on the top to current successes in our China market advantages, we hope to strategically expand our business in the global market.  While We would like to make acquaintance of strategic businesses partners and value customers through participating in the TechConnect World 2012, we also hope to understand and learn more about the design service market needs from more foreign chip or systems companies, and to leverage our ASIC turn-key chip design and SoC OEM product development expertise to achieve win-win results in our future potential cooperation.
2.       IP Partners: To satisfy our growing needs in the chip design market, we are looking for more world leading high quality, high performance IP providers to establish a more complete advanced IP supply chain to our design solutions and products more competitive.
3.       Investment Partners: Up to this point, our company has successfully established several profitable business units with many advanced expertise and leading market positions in China. Therefore, we hope to get to know more foreign VC investor partners who are interested to invest in China through us to have our mutual fruitful successes in China and the globe.