[China] China may unveil frequency bands for 4G soon, says MIIT official


China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) is likely to release frequency bands available for 4G mobile communication services as soon as the end of September 2012, according to an MIIT official.


While a 4G operator may need 30-50MHz of bandwidth, assignments will hinge on operators' adoption of 4G technology standards, equipment and network deployments, the official said.


Frequency bands to be assigned for 4G are likely to be 190MHz allotments between 2500MHz and 2690MHz, according to telecom industry sources in China. As MIIT has been actively promoting the development of TD-LTE, a large portion of the bandwidth is likely to be designated for TD-LTE operations, the sources pointed out. However, a considerable portion of the bandwidth is expected to be assigned for FDD-LTE operations because MIIT has to consider the global market, in which FDD-LTE has the upper hand over TD-LTE, the sources indicated.


MIIT may release 4G operating licenses in 2014, with the timing implying that TD-LTE trial networks, currently under deployment and expansion in many cities around China, will reach scales large enough to start commercial operations before the release, the sources noted.


Source: Digitimes