GlobalFoundries opens for 28-nm business - Peter Clarke (1/13/2011 7:20 AM EST)


LONDON – GlobalFoundries Inc., along with EDA and IP partners, has announced the availability of a proven digital design flow for its 28-nm CMOS manufacturing process.


The process is dubbed "super low power" or SLP and includes a gate-first high-k metal gate stack. Customers can now produce sign-off ready 28-nm designs using a combination of synthesis, place and route, sign-off, and design-for-manufacturability tools, tool scripts, and methodologies, GlobalFoundries (Milpitas, Calif.) said.


The partners that are ready to help customers design towards the 28-nm process include Synopsys, Mentor, Magma, Apache, Cadence and ARM.


GlobalFoundries is claiming that its design flow includes superior design rule checking, called DRC+, which uses two-dimensional shape-based pattern-matching to enable up to a 100-fold speed improvement in identifying complex manufacturing issues without sacrificing accuracy.


Cadence has designed a multimillion transistor chip that occupies 9 square millimeters in the process as a proof of its design tools, including high-level synthesis, low power, routing, DFM, and verification. The design is expected to be silicon validated in the first half of 2011. The full design, implementation scripts, and a set of recommended methodology white papers on 28-nm routing and DFM will be available to customers in Q1 of 2011.


Synopsys tools include the Lynx Design System and Galaxy Implementation Platform for design and physical verification. Mentor has integrated its Olympus and Calibre routing and manufacturing scoring tools.


"Apache Design Solutions' focus is on delivering products that address the critical design challenges of power, noise, and reliability. The company's industry proven sign-off solutions for digital and custom IC power supply noise, electro-migration, and electro-static discharge have enabled many customers to predict and manage power related issues in their designs," in a statement issued by GlobalFoundries.


ARM's collaboration focused on the Artisan physical IP platform.


Source: EETimes