[International] Nokia Insider Claims Microsoft To Buy Nokia For $19 Billion.


In what is sure to spark a new wave of denials from Microsoft and Nokia, infamous Nokia/mobile leaker Eldar Murtazin is again hinting at a potential Microsoft purchase of Nokia with a new tweet stating:


One small software company decided last week that they could spent 19 bln USD to buy a part of small phone vendor. Thats it.


If you recall, Murtazin made a similar claim back in mid-May. This time, however, he’s attached a price tag. The deal reportedly will cost the Redmond company a cool $19 billion.


While some may be highly skeptical, Eldar Murtazin has produced many bombshell leaks in recent years thanks to numerous sources deep within various tech companies. Could this be another victory for him? We’ll see…


Update Nokia has told the WSJ’s Christopher Lawton that Murtazin’s latest claims are “baseless”. Make of it what you will.


Source: Gadgetsteria