[International] WSTS strips value from Q1 chip market


LONDON – The World Semiconductor Trade Statistics organization has reduced its figures for global chips sales for each of the months of January, February and March of 2011, in its latest updating of its spreadsheet.


Latest actual global semiconductor sales figure for January 2011 is $25.173724 billion compared with $25.183883 billion published previously; for February the new figure is $22.164019 billion versus $22.197153 billion; March sales are set at $28.337218 billion against an earlier figure of $28.384976 billion.


The net result has been to strip about 91.1 million in value out of the first quarter's sales figures, which is now listed by WSTS at $75.675 billion, compared with the previous figure of $75.766 billion.


The changes also affect the three-month average figures produced by WSTS and which are used by the Semiconductor Industry Association and the European Semiconductor Industry Association. The SIA and the ESIA use the averaged sales figures to smooth out the monthly data that would otherwise show troughs at the beginnings of the quarters and peaks at the ends of the quarters. 


The SIA appears to have taken the latest reduced figures into account in its April announcement.


WSTS is a non-profit organization of 64 semiconductor companies representing more than 70 percent of the world semiconductor market, and is widely regarded as the most accurate source of data on the global and regional semiconductor markets.


Source: EETimes