[China] SMIC picks Kilopass NVM IP for 55-nm


SAN FRANCISCO—Non-volatile memory (NVM) IP vendor Kilopass Technology Inc. said Tuesday (June 28) it is expanding its one-time programmable NVM product offering to Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp.'s 55-nm logic CMOS process.


 Kilopass (Santa Clara, Calif.) said it has already successfully taped out in SMIC's 65-nm process. The two companies have been in partnership since 2005, when Kilopass offered one-time programmable NVM IP for SMIC's 180-nm process. Kilopass later made available IP for SMIC's 130-, 90-nm and65-nm logic CMOS processes.


 SMIC customers with applications requiring embedded NVM for storing mixed signal trim data, boot code, and security key for multimedia processors, MCUs, and RFID ICs, have benefitted from having Kilopass' secure, embedded, OTP, NVM solution for their SoC designs, according to the company.


 "We are thrilled that SMIC has expanded our partnership commitment to include Kilopass OTP NVM IP on its 55nm process node," said Kilopass President and CEO Charlie Cheng, in a statement. "For SoC designs in competitive, high-volume consumer applications moving a design from 65-nm to 55-nm provides a 20 percent reduction in silicon area and cost without the expense of a new mask set."


 Kilopass's patented 2T antifuse technology—built using standard CMOS logic, without changes to masks, manufacturing steps, or equipment—has been integrated in over 2 billion ICs to provide a one-time programmable NVM solution for SoC applications demanding embedded memory, according to the company.


Source: EETimes